Veriblock VBK Mining Pool - Getting Started
Point your miners to dabpool.com:8501

Getting Started with VBK Veriblock mining at DabPOOL

If you are new to mining, this is the place for you.

take a deep breath, its only confusing at first but pure joy once up and running.

1. Create a Wallet

Two options:

1 - You can make an offline address without running a full node by using the makeaddress tool here: makeaddress-0.1.2.zip

Note: You will need Java -> Java Download

After running makeaddress you should check the log file to copy your VeriBlock address. You can import this address into Nodecore later on, via the importwallet command - check this for more info.

2 - Install a full node because NodeCore will create an address by default.

Then you can use the Nodecore Wallet (our favorite) to manage your address(es) or the Nodecore Command Line interface (cli).

Still confused? Please read how to setup a wallet from the Veriblock Wiki page: How to Create a Veriblock Wallet

It's important not to forget that you should encrypt and backup your wallet to keep it safe.

2. POW Veriblock Miner

There are two types of miners: CPU and GPU - you should use a GPU miner with our pool.


NVIDIA multi GPU Cuda 9.2 -> VBK Nvidia Miner 0.3.11

NVIDIA multi GPU Cuda 10.0 -> VBK Nvidia Miner 0.3.11

AMD multi GPU -> VBK Amd Miner 2.0


NVIDIA multi GPU Cuda 9.2 -> VBK Nvidia Miner

NVIDIA multi GPU Cuda 10.0 -> VBK Nvidia Miner

AMD multi GPU (to compile) available -> here

Important: After downloading your miner and prior to running it, don't forget to edit the run.bat or run.sh file and replace YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS with your own Veriblock address. You can also select which Gpu(s) to use with -d 0,1,2,3...

3. Server and Port

There are 2 important things here, the URL and the port that you are going to connect to.

For connecting your miner to DabPOOL you should use: dabpool.com:8501. If you use one of the miners from the above links the pool is already setup for you.

The moment

OK So by now you should have a wallet, mining software, url and port. Its time to put them together and start mining Veriblock.

GO GO Miners !...

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Veriblock Homepage

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